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Ok anime-wise could the move Shadow Ball and Aura Sphere collide if they were aimed at each other? I ask this question because we know that Aura Sphere is a fighting move therefore does not effect Ghost-type Pokemon.

Now can the same be said of a Ghost-type move? If so, then the Aura Sphere would go right through the Shadow Ball....or would it?

Ghost types do effect fighting types so in a sense if the same rule applies as above Shadow Ball would hit Aura Sphere. Right?

I guess another way to put it would be if Aura Sphere would phase through or if the Shadow Ball would hit? Or if it would happen one after the other by step (i.e. Aura begins to phase but Shadow Ball hits or vice verse).

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This can't really be answered if it never happened, sorry.
This is a good question, I do admit.
JarJar, these type of questions just want some logic applied to it. :3
^coming from mr illogical
If it can't be answered I demand a hypothesis then lol...
What I mean is that there is no way to know what will actually happen, you can only guess.
Jaja, no one needed that explanation. Js. xD
A lot of GF illogic questions just get a guess as their answer. xD

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Oh well might as well try
I say that they would collide, go boom and create pretty little explosions.
Like you said, Fighting attacks do not affect Ghost Pokemon. But that does not neccesarily mean that it doesn't affect a move of the same type. Additionally... the anime makes no sense. At all. No conventional rules apply at all to the anime (Pikachu KOes Ground types... with electric attacks). And since no rules apply, Fighting attacks can totally hit Ghost attacks now.
Also Aura Sphere is created from 'Aura';
>Aura (Japanese: alternately はどう wave and 波導 wave-guiding) is a form of spiritual energy introduced in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. It is described as the essence of every living creature.

Essence of every living creatue. Kinda screwy essence if it can't hit a ghost type Pokemon right?(Unless they're dead or something).

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Pikachu was able to Thunder Shock Onix to death so you make your best guess on what will happen when they collide. But to be semi serious they both have physical forms so if they were to interact they would possibly hit each other :P

As the saying goes opposites attract hehehe

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Well, I'm going to throw my idea in this heap of good answers.

As far as the anime is concerned, they are both forms of "energy". It's obvious what type of "energy" Aura Sphere is, so I'm going to bypass that. Shadow Ball is a the "energy" that ghosts use to manifest themselves with, but in a solid and damaging form. With this said, if there is a time where the two move collide, they will cause a big boom when they collide.

In the odd mechanics of the anime, I would see this as the most plausible.
As always, in the realm of the games, attack moves simply will not collide with each other. Unless somehow Game Freak wants to troll and put the mechanic in.

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I'm not gonna make a big deal of this, but my theory is that they will hit, and they will hit x1 or x2. Unlike said before by KoD, the games in this case don't make sense, but to add onto it it's not an actual Fighting Sphere, it's an Aura Sphere. Something I'm sure a ghost would easily interact with, therefore creating a normal effect, or possibly a super-effective attack since x2 moves against Ghost in the game are types that can interact with a ghost - an invisible creature.

So, I'm sure it will hit. And as seen below, I don't think I'm the only one. x)

Hope I helped. :)

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I think I remember in the anime when Dawn & Zoey were battling in their first meeting. Zoey's Glameow uses Shadow Claw to block Buneary's Ice Beam, and Dawn is wondering why she would do that since Shadow Claw has no effect against Buneary, but then the moves collide to make some fancy-pants explosion of sparkles.

Point is, I think that Fighting moves have no effect against Ghost Pokemon, but when a Fighting move and Ghost move collide, they'd still make some kind of explosion (sparkles or none).

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Well, a fighting type move can hit ghost using foresight and the ability scrappy(there's probably another way or two but this is all I can think of at the momment) so even if a fighting move would normaly pass through a ghost type move, it would make sense that you can apply the methods to hit ghost types themselves to make the fighting move hit with the ghost move.

This probably wins the award for most down votes :P
In meta probably 2-3 months ago there was a question with 11-
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