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I love glitches and I just love glitching out my games without causing any damage, so

  1. Is it safe?
  2. Can it cause any damage to my game?
  3. What is the cause of this glitch?
  4. Can I use this outside of the elite 4?

For the people who don't know this glitch, see here for a YouTube clip or follow these steps on your own game (as the quality is really bad on that clip). I would recomend doing it yourself, but for safety's sake don't save afterwords. Following are the steps:

  1. Get a Pokemon with Aura Sphere and another move to sweep the Elite 4 after you have seen the glitch (I used Dialga but Lucario will work just as well) and a non-damaging move like Swords Dance, or you can spam Potions.
  2. Challenge Drasna
  3. Use Aura Sphere against her Dragalage
  4. Watch very closely for a giant black line that appears near the bottom of the screen. which makes it look as though it has legs.
  5. Knock it out
  6. Repeat with Druddigon
  7. Look in the middle, it's MUCH bigger this time
  8. Knock it out before it knocks you out with Revenge
  9. Altaria is next this time it's very small and is in the middle left side.Proceed to knock it out
  10. Now with Noivern it will be in the same place as Altaria's glitch spot
  11. Knock it out
  12. Now this is something I found and Bulbapedia hasn't. Challenge Siebold and use a Potion or Swords Dance. This will, if your a Dragon/Steel type like Dialga, make the opposing Clawitzer use Aura Sphere! Full screen blackout! Now that's a glitch.
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Found a different YouTube video that showed the glitch working against Druddigon. Video's description says it's harmless and it's just a weird graphical bug, but it says nothing about Siebold.
Also, don't expect there to be a reason for the glitch available. It honestly just seems like a bug with the move's animation, I don't think there is a real explanation for it.
I have tp try this! :O
as i said i am the first to report it happening outside the battle with drasna and since it only happens in the elite 4 (unless you can proove me wrong and i encorage anyone to do this) it must have to do with something in the elite 4 that is nowhere else. Thats what i'm after. And yea do that its coll
Quiet interesting, never thought what would happen if the opposing pokemon used Aura Sphere instead.

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For people who don't know, Aura Sphere glitch it's using Aura Sphere against some of Drasna's Pokemon will cause a thick black horizontal line with vertical black bars below it to briefly cover part of the upper screen. Against her Dragalge it will appear towards the bottom of the screen; against her Druddigon it will appear in the center of the screen.

1 - Yes.
2 - No.
3 - Now what can causes it? I have been researching and found that it MAY be caused by a glitch in the VFX algorithm. I don't know what is that, but it may be a 3DS system that works for the visual effects and it can be not working in conjunction with Drasna's battle, making it glitch.
4 - I don't think so, since the glitch was only been found at Drasna battle, I think you can't find it any other place.

Also I found another explanation for what may cause it..

At the beginning of the fifteenth second in the video, we see Drasna's Pokémon take the hit from Aura Sphere. Aura Sphere is programmed in such a way as to cause the field to temporary appear to be yellow with no details. At the middle of the fifteenth second, after the Aura Sphere object has made contact, Drasna's Pokémon is mostly done recoiling from the attack when most of its model is suddenly covered obscured by yellow. The only available details at this moment is the head, part of the left wing, the left leg which is slightly faded, and the tail which is also faded. Towards the end of the fifteenth second, the yellow field returns to the normal field, which now shows the fence that covers the rightmost incense emitter is now in the foreground, while the battle is the background. Thus, the camera angle for Aura Sphere causes an issue with the field, but it is only after Aura Sphere hits since the animation of Aura Sphere ignores the fence until that point. I would like to note that there either the field for Drasna's Chamber is different from the other fields for the Elite Four or that no one has checked to see if the other fields cause this same issue.

Hope this helps.

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What, it isn't safe, but it can't cause any damage to your game? Don't you mean 1 to be yes?
yeah I know.. I read the question wrong xD
done edited.
So that's what it was!!! :O
Good answer but an error with one of your answers. As i said it does happen outside of drasmas battle to be specific siebolds