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Which for my Lucario I know many debate this on a special set. Thanks to Nasty plot he can know do a mini S-dance Extreeme speed combo that know has super-effectiveness and STAB. But aura sphere is very useful for hiting the evaisive and is much stronger and is practically his signature move.

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Considering Lucario's base speed of 90, it's kind of fast.
I think Vacuum Wave would be a great last move that can damage a foe that is faster than you, and if you don't care that Lucario KO, attack an enemy before they go.

But l think getting Aura Sphere is the better choice, since Aura Sphere is infi-accuracy, and a power of 90 with STAB, it can help deal with Sandstorm Rock types. Rock types get a Sp Defense boost in Sandstorm, and if they have Sand Veil as well, Aura Sphere would definitely be the better choice. Vacuum Wave wouldn't be powerful enough to deal with them, but Aura Sphere would be able to do the job well, at least threatening the opponent. The only problem with Aura Sphere is that other than Sand Veil and Sandstorm, the infi-accuracy can't really be put to good use, but its still powerful.

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Well, Nobody said my opinion here.

I always use both.

My Classic set for my lucario is..

Nasty Plot
Vacuum Wave
Aura Sphere
HP Rock or Dark Pulse

Now my explanation.

Nasty Plot is amazing on lucario, but the real delima here, is its hard to live without both fighting moves, in this case, its easiest to just use both.

I've had several moments where I was sweeping, and I had to alternate between both of them.

So I find it usefull to use both.

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Vacuum Wave = Quick Attack with fighting time and special damage.

Aura Sphere = More than double its base power + Doesn't miss + Many PP.