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Which one is better for lucario? Im planning to make him a mixed attacker with either naive or hasty nature. Anyway Aura sphere is a 100% hit move that has good power and can deal with steel types easily since most steels have low sp defense. At the same time close combat can kill blissey, a pokemon that Sooo many teams have and is so annoying to beat without a super effective physical attack. Also it has higher power but lowers its sp def and def.
So which one do you guys prefer using? And i know theres some lucario lovers here, i can tell by your usernames so tell me which move your using for him if your one of the people who are answering this question

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Your welcome I Thought  This was a good question :-)

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Well it depends on natures to if you get a nature that lowers special attack definitively go with close combat and vise versa. I prefer to use Close Combat more as you just switch to get rid of the stat lowering. It also has more power and pretty good accuracy. I would go with close combat

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Sorry i forgot to put the natures, i just posted it above now but its either going to be hasty or naive specializing as a mixed attacker. I was thinking close combat was better too