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It's Moves Are:

  • Aura Sphere
  • Close Combat
  • Extreme Speed
  • Rock Slide

Which One Is Best For This Lucario?

(Nature Is Quiet.)

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I have both on mine... Both serve me really well. Aura sphere has a lot more pp and hit's decently while cc hits with pure power since my lucario is invested in speed ev wise.

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You should let it have aura sphere cause it has quiet nature(+Sp atk,-Spd) so it will be more useful than close combat since its sp atk will be higher even without the nature

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to be honest. if your lucario has good speed teach it close combat. this is hard to explain but close combat is better on faster pokemon. lol i have tested this. so trust me. besides a special fighting type move is not a good option as it doesnt do as much damage on normal types than a pyhsical attack would do.

I Chose Aura Sphere.
But Thanks Anyway! ;)
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Aura Sphere, Because it has the best Accuracy
and Close Combat Lowers your Special defence and your defence

So Which Is Better?
Aura Sphere
Its what i would have
I Chose Aura Sphere.
But Thanks Everybody! :)
*Up-Voted Everybody* :)
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I personally would go close combat for that power after all with the right set it can out speed allot and can scout out for the def drop.
Aura sphere will not land ohkos on pokemon like spdef tyranitar or chanseys and blisseys as well as not hit hard in general.
Also with the psyichal set your using cc fits in very nice.

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Well it depends on your Lucario's stats
If your Lucario has higher Special Attack Aura Sphere would be good
Vice Versa Close Combat

Aura Sphere has lower Base Power but if your accuracy is lowered it would be perfect

Close Combat would be a great revenge killer if your Lucario is fast

It really depends on your Lucario's stats.

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Aura Sphere. Duh. It can't miss.