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This is for my Lucario; I know it's already a good move but I was wondering in case if there was anything else that I should do. It also has aura sphere and nasty plot (though I will replace it with work up) and it also has extreme speed. Thanks!

What do you mean by "how much STAB"? All moves get the same STAB boost if they can, none get more than any other.
I guess it’s changed to 2x STAB if Lucario is Mega evolved, but otherwise it’s always 1.5x STAB.
wait so 2 times if i have a lucarionite
Yes because when Lucario Mega Evolves it’s ability does that, look down at my answer.
Ok, I was wondering.
2x with Adaptability, or 1.5x without Adaptability
It’s 2x with Adaptability, 1.5x without Adaotablilty

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If Lucario is not mega evolved, then it is 1.5 STAB. If Lucario is Mega Evolved, its STAB is 2, because of Adaptability.

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