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Yet another Chesnaught question! Hammer Arm or Close Combat?
Close Combat has stunning power, 120 damage and 100% accuracy, but decreases defence and special defence, and Chesnaught's defences are what makes it decent. Hammer Arm has lower power AND lower accuracy (100 and 90 respectively), and the decrease in speed doesn't really matter because he's slow as a petrified snail.

Should I go all out power and throw defences out the window? Or should I be more reserved and reliable. Actually now that I think of it, a lot of people online use Mega Blaziken and Charizard and numerous other Pokemon that Chesnaught can't take a hit from, so decreased defences from Close Combat may not matter so much. But please answer anyway!

By the way what level does Chesnaught learn Close Combat?


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Let' compare them:

Hammer Arm's power is 100, with 90 accuracy, it has 10 PP and lowers speed after a use. It has STAB with Chestnaught so its power become 150.

Power: 150
Accuracy: 90
Level: 61
Effect: Lowers Speed

Close Combat's power is 120, 180 with STAB and has 100 % of accuracy, 5 PP and lowers both defensive stats.

Power: 180
Accuracy: 100
Level: I don't know
Effect: Lowers Defense and Special Defense

My verdict:

Chestnaught has a great defense stat teamed with a pretty special defense. It has bulk. BUT, it is severely harmed by its X4 Weakness to Flying. This means Close Combat will weaken it, but must hit very hard, and if luckily enough it's a OHKO, you're safe. But with Chestnaught's Speed, I already see any Pokemon spam Air Slash. I think that your final choice would be Hammer Arm, because it can be used strategically with Gardevoire's low speed in a Trick Room set ; you would have a hard-hitting tank in Chestaught !

Hammer Arm > Close Combat

Hope this help !

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I know that this is necroposting, but Chesnaught can't learn Close Combat :/