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If your Infernape lacks Speed, go with Mach Punch.

But if your Infernape has enough Speed and lacks Power, go with Close Combat

The better option overall is Close Combat for Mixed Apes or Physical Apes. The only way you'll get to abuse Mach Punch is if you get its DW Ability, Iron Fist to get boosted damage on it.

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It Has A Bashful Nature.
It Lacks Neither.
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I'd go with close combat because my infernape has close combat - I boosted it up to 8PP with PP ups - and it's pretty much infernape's main move.
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If you need more power than go with close combat. Mach punch is for priority if you need to outspeed the opponent. You can have both since both are useful.

No I Can't,
It's Not Good 2 Have Moves Of The Same Type.
According To Poke'base/EVERYBODY.
not really. Take my metagross for example. It has meteor mash and bullet punch and its working real good for me.
Yeah, Morning Glory is correct here. I run 2 Electric Moves on my Rain Rotom.
You weren't ;D
To clarify, the rule is that you don't run two moves of the same type when neither of them give any additional benefit from each other. You don't need a pokemon with Flamethrower and fire Blast for instance. However, if they offer two different benefits, as is the case with infernape (Mach punch can hit speedy targets that could take him down, while Close Combat allows him to hit bulkier pokemon he's not worried about outpseeding), and other pokemon. The idea doesn't come up very much, but it's pretty handy when it does.

Try out an eruption/Fire blast typhlosion with Blaze, for another example.
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No, it's already been understood. In general, I would say both, but it really depends on what you're tying to do with your team.
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It depends. Mach Punch isn't good for power, but it has more pp than Close Combat. And Close Combat has 5 pp. But they're both really good moves. So go with your gut on this one.

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i would definitely go with close combat

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