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In case there is a question I can answer 5 years from now. how is life been treating you anyway?
oml shots have been fired, better get drama alert in. Also, two fire moves and two fighting moves is trash on infernape.
Can't believe people are still answering this question after 5 years. Genuinely forgot that I ever even asked this
What life?
big mood.

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First get a Chimchar obviously. When you evolve it into Infernape have it learn close combat.

To get flamethrower, have infernape learn it as a Chimchar at level 41 or get the tm for flamethrower in the fuego ironworks.

You can get fire blast at the city with Maylene. It's in the department store.

You can get brick break in the Oreburgh gate. You need the bicycle, and I think you also need surf. (I prefer mach punch instead of brick break, but it's up to you)

Hope I helped!

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