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My infernape is really fast but has really small defense. Well, close combat have got high accuracy but lowers his defense who is already small so if the oppenent throws out a bird which is faster than me he'll OHKO me. The other version is focus blast hoever it has only 70%.

*he is a mix sweeper.

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As SuperFlygon said, it all depends, but in my opinion Infernape has no defensive stats, so the defense drop wouldn't change a whole-lot. Furthermore, Close Combat can demolish special walls like Blissey with it's being Physical, plus you don't have the chances of missing.

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It all depends.
By the looks of bad defence (which is normal) makes it Focus Blast, but with bad acc. , neither of them are really worh it. I would probaly go with Brick Break instead, it breaks barriers and a long wiht STAB power, its power is about 100.

On my opinion, I would actually go close combat because a least you do the damaghe, and don't have to worry about missing. Plus, Infernape usually has slighly better attack than sp attack (unless EV/IV effect), so Close Combat I would go with. (keep in mind Flamtrower & Brick Break are WAY better.) Infernape's sp attack and attack are both the same, but I always find them with a bit more attack.

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I'd say Focus Blast , I knoww low accuracy but you know once your defence is lowered infernape will easily be Ko'd .

Onother fact I noticed is most *not all , most , of the pokemon with the weakness of fighting have a higer defence than special defence cause most fighting moves are physical .

ex. Gigalith , Cloyster , RegiRock , Aggron , Onix , Steelix and many more.

So , go for focus blast holding an item that increases accuracy like Wide Lens .

Enjoy battling !! :)

Infernape wouldn't survive any attack super effective - which means the good ol' Earthquake would easily KO him. So you rather go on reliability and a powerful hit on Special walls like Blissey and Porygon 2 with Eviolite.
If you'd create a list of pokemon with fighting disadvantages you'll see like 80% have lower sp.defence than defence and + for the reliability he could use a wide lens .
Every thing ohkos infernape
Unidentified - how many of them are popular as Blissey?
and about 80-90 accuracy isn't reliable