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I have 6 badges and I am stuck on Drayden because 3 of my Pokemon are underleveled and grinding is too slow. Help?

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What is the rest of your team?
Put your mons in the daycare and just roam around
@Demon Hunter the Daycare is post-game only.

Have you tried grinding against Audino? It's still tedious, but they give a ton of experience.
Wait is it? I thought you encounter the daycare man being harassed by someone?
Lucky egg given by Professor Juniper in Celestial Tower also helps you to grind them easily.

You can easily pass through Drayden if you have Haxorus, Vanilluxe, Krookodile (Foul Play) or Stoutland (Ice Fang / Giga Impact).
my team is:
servine (yes i cant for the life of me find a place to grind)
gothorita (i cant find a place to grind here either)

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Have any counters? If not, you can catch some in the wild. If you have any rare candies you can use those as well.

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Counters like what? Even if you specify a counter it won't answer the asker's questions. And I'm pretty sure the asker already knows about Rare Candies just like any Pokemon player.
like altaria?
he has a haxorus right? i  just need somewhere to grind