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I know I asked a similar question regarding Vaporeon earlier, but this time it's about getting a Hydreigon. I just very recently (as of 6 minutes ago lol) caught a Zweilous from Victory Road and I love him. Should I fit him into the team, or should I let him be at the PC? I feel like replacing a Pokemon because it isn't really needed to cover anything anymore since Elesa is already beat and there are no more major trainers that it could cover unless neutrally. I feel like having 2 Dragons because it's epic.

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ur team is very cool the way it is, but hydreigon is also cool. i say stick with what u got!
no since its really hard to evolve at lvl 64
the Zweilous I got is already level 50, I have a Lucky Egg and I can just easily farm Audinos for Experience.
Also @melcakes , thanks! :]
You can do experience farming with any Pokemon. Why would you do it with a Hydreigon?
I was saying that I am farming Audinos for Exp. It's much faster + boosted by Lucky Egg.
I honestly think that the effort is not worth the reward.  Why spend a Lucky Egg leveling up Zwelious when you can use that same time to extremely overlevel some of your party?  I think just keeping your team is better.

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If you want to, go for it. Your current team is excellent already, and there's nothing a Hydreigon could add. You won't be getting one until the post game, and Zweilous isn't all that helpful against the League. For efficiency's sake, it's not worth it at all, as you'd be spending way too long leveling it up, and you already have a Dragon type. However, if you really want one, it certainly functions well in the post game -- just don't expect it to yield much of a result until Level 64.

Hydreigon @ anything
Ability: Levitate
- Dragon Pulse
- Dark Pulse / Crunch
- Earth Power / Earthquake
- Flamethrower

Hope I helped!

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