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Please suggest only if those Pokemon are available before Elite 4.

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I am not adding any legendaries for this answer.

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Okay, some good Dragon types are Flygon, Haxorus, Druddigon, and HYDREIGON!
For Flygon, you can catch a Trapinch in the Desert Resort in the desert part or, if you have progressed quite a lot in the game, you can even catch a Vibrava in the exterior part of Reversal Mountain.
For Haxorus, you can easily catch an Axew in Mistralton Cave and train it up. You will have quite some time to train it up before facing the Elite Four.
For Druddigon, you will have to make your way all the way to Victory Road to catch it.
As for Hydreigon, you can catch a Zweilous in Victory Road as well, but you will have to train it to level 64 to evolve it, which means you already would have beaten the Elite Four way back the first time.
So all in all, even though Hydreigon is the best of the lot, you can't really catch it early and will have to wait till post-game (Or, you have to be immensely patient to get it earlier), and by that time, other cool dragons will already begin to appear on the scene.
Haxorus is the next best if you have the patience to train it up, (and Flygon too) and it will be a really awesome addition to your team.
Hope I helped :)

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I mostly agree with the player above. However, although it does take a little work, it definitely is worth getting a Hydreigon of that's what you want. With the exception of Flygon none of the other dragon types can compare to its speed. Not to mention the fact that it's  a pseudo Legendary so its above average in every category.. Its really not that difficult to get him pre-Elite 4 either. Here's a simple strategy to make it happen. Step 1: DON'T USE ANY RARE CANDY YOU FIND FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME. Train your first 5 Pokemon as you normally would but after reaching undella town start avoiding as many trainer battles as possible. Since you've only trained 5 Pokemon at this point they should be fairly strong already and you can still train them at the remaining 2 gyms as well as the Team Plasma events.  After you reach Victory Road find the area with the tall staircase and lots of druddigon and catch your Zweilous. I got mine at level 4. I went back to battle trainers and reached level 57 before even reaching route 23. I the used seven rare candies and, voila, I have a Hydreigon.