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I’m doing an Oshawott solo run and right now he’s level 64. His nature is Quiet, and I believe he’s maxed out in Attack and Sp. Attack EVs. His moves are Revenge, Return, Surf, and X-Scissor.

Last time I challenged the gym was half a year ago and it didn’t go well. I’m currently grinding. Any recommendations for Ice type TMs and the location would be cool, too

Is it a Oshawott or a Samurott?

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I think I will help you out.

In Pokemon Black and White the eight gym will be a Dragon type gym facing Iris(White)/Drayden(Black).
However, both of them have same Pokémon.

They will have


Also both will have the movesets too.
Every mon has Dragon Tail, a Dark-Type move (Assurance/Night Slash), Fraxure will only have two dragon type move (Dragon rage including Dragon Tail).

With an ice type move, it will be easy to handle this Gym. Lv.65 will be perfect with Quiet Nature and MAX SpA.

TM Blizzard is useful and easy to get but its accuracy is a concern. You can Blizzard for best results.Blizzard can be obtained in the Icirrus city for 70000 Pokedollars.


Oshawott @Anything
Quiet nature
Ability: Torrent

This set can clear the Gym easily.

Some calculation,

Lvl 65 252+ SpA Oshawott Blizzard vs. Lvl 41 0 HP / 4 SpD Eviolite Fraxure: 194-230 (165.8 - 196.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO

>Lvl 65 252+ SpA Oshawott Blizzard vs. Lvl 41 252 HP / 0 SpD Druddigon: 188-222 (123.6 - 146%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Lvl 65 252+ SpA Oshawott Blizzard vs. Lvl 43 0 HP / 4 SpD Haxorus: 218-258 (166.4 - 196.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Hope I Helped

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Ice Beam is obtainable after the 8th Gym, I believe.
Yeah IceBeam is unobtainable at this point, but I do like the extensive details and the addiction of the levels of the gym, and the calculations can presumably be transferred over to blizzard. So, I’ll BA this one and give X the Upvote lol
Just changed the mistake of ice beam and now I guess its perfect
I don't think TY has a fully trained SpA Oshawott.  For the calculation, it's better to use 85 EVs without a beneficial or detrimental nature.  This assumes that the EVs were evenly distributed between all stats.  It isn't perfect, but it provides a better calculation.
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64 sounds like plenty if you just get a bit lucky, but grinding Audinos up to around 70 certainly can't hurt. You can get TM14 (Blizzard) for 70,000 Pokedollars in Iccirus, so invest and pray you manage to land your attacks. Grab the Eviolite from Castelia City to sponge up the Dragon STAB a bit better, hope the RNG gods are on your side, and you should be able to pull out a victory.

Hope I helped!

What move should I replace if i go the Blizzard route?
Get rid of Revenge, probably. You cover Rock with Surf, Steel is generally fine neutrally due to Water's resistance, X-Scissor for Dark, Normal is just sad in Unova, and Water resists Ice.