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I'm playing M.D DX and I'm level 50-- I haven't left the town square to the underground yet, and unfortunately I can't remember the rest of the plot leading up to the underground. My partner is around 33. I did chaously train because I hate not being OP in M.D but i'm not sure if I should grind to 60 or not sksksk

I'm an Eevee, my moveset is:

-Batton Pass (to save teammates when I do "go the other way" tatic)
-Bite (Coverage)
-Swift (Always hits, cuts corners)
-Quick Attack (Hits 2 tiles away)

And my special ability makes it so that all my moves types are modified to be at least regularily effective (I never am not effective or not very effective, so types aren't a big deal for me).

update i beat him in like 8 turns i guess 50 was good

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You should be at least level 31 before entering the Dungeon, and ideally much higher.

So you should be fine. Maybe just level up your partner a bit, but since you already beat Groudon, good job!

Source: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/pokemon-mystery-dungeon-rescue-team-dx-how-to-get-through-magma-cavern-and-beat-the-groudon-boss-fight

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