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This Ditto client of mine transformed into me and I think it's neat

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The Ditto will go in it's normal state when you go upstairs/downstairs in a dungeon. I guess.
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is that the only instance of how ditto can de-transform?
> It makes your appearance the same as a target Pokemon's. Your moves and types will also change to those of the target Pokemon. If an enemy usees this move, your teammates may become Confused, so be careful! The stat change returns to normal when you go to the next floor.


Does this answer your question?
.. is that the only instance of when ditto can de-transform?
Yes according to that and CB IV's source

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The Pokemon's moves, type, and stat changes, will be the same as those of the target Pokemon. If the enemy has the Transform status condition, your teammates may become Confused. The status wears off when the Pokemon goes to the next floor.


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