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32 Dragon-types vs 28 Ghost-types. Why?

Probably just because Game Freak decided it that way. Dragons are also pretty popular with the fan base, so maybe they made more dragons for marketing purposes. Also a lot of legendaries are dragons or part dragon, and every single generation has some legendary based arc, so that's probably why.

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My Illogical Theory

Yep, another one of those crazy theories that no one can believe. xD

Let's quote PokemonDB, the site that no one can resist going to for their Pokemon needs (and which site is succeeded by Serebii, and Serebii is like my childhood. Oh yeah, the quote)
>Dragons are among the most elusive and powerful of all Pokemon. Nine legendary Pokemon are part Dragon type and four have legendary-like stats.

Nine. 9. Count that on your fingers - nine Pokemon are legendary Pokemon.
Also, now to think of it, dragons appear in myths, or legends. And 9/32 (just under one quarter) are legendaries. So, that kind of proves a lot. 32 - 9 is 23, which leaves it just 4 Pokemon behind the Ghost count.

That's the only real reason, but I assume why the Ghost population is so little compared to Dragons is because Ghosts aren't actually visible.

Like, if you were in the world where the Three Little Pigs incinerated a wolf, and two live gingerbread got decapitated by a creepy witch, there is 99% there would be dragons and ghosts in the world. Of course, you would see the dragons, but the ghosts are invisible.

Also quoting from the DB, it says:
>Ghosts are the rarest of all types, with just 27 Ghost type Pokemon in existence

It's the rarest of all types. They probably don't make many Ghost types because ghosts are invisible, and are hard to find. In the real world, how hard would it be to find an invisible creature? That's why the Ghost population is so little, because they want to make it mysterious 'n' unknown 'n' stuff.

Hope I helped. :)
Sources: Pokemondb.net/type/ghost and ./dragon

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;~; what did I just read lol
I like illogical theories.
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Dragon types may be consider the rarest type because the chances of finding a dragon in the game/anime is something you have to go outta of your way to do (excluding legendarys). Though we have to take note of something else.

There's more dead people than living people. Likewise the same can be said about Pokemon. Therefore there's more 'dead' Pokemon than alive so ghost-types should far exceed all other types yet it doesn't? This is answered through the Pokedex when we see that some ghost times can be made up of thousands or more more spirits of Pokemon (i.e. Spiritomb).

We also have to understand that in order for a Ghost type to actually exist certain 'requirements' in order for a ghost to actually be 'born'. Such as Banette must be a dearly beloved toy that is abandoned in order for any sort of Pokemon spirit to enter it, and therefore be considered 'Ghost-type'.

Seeing some of the requirements needed, and how many spirits can be used for just one Pokemon it can be rare for a Pokemon to be proclaimed ghost. While dragon might just be hereditary ghosts go through a lot more.

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My opinion is that Ghost-types are rarer cause ghosts are something paranormal while dragons are stuff of legends but we have creatures such as reptiles which would have been closely related to dragons. plus dragons are just bad-ass.
Hope I helped!