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I was just wondering why Terrell Likes to use Fire and Dragon Type Pokemon instead of Ground since he dresses up as groudon who is a ground type?

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Game Freak logic
I would associate Groudon with Fire- and Dragon-types but I think it's weird for an official game to do something like that.
I find it strange that Terrell isn't a ground specialist because he dresses like a Groudon AND his name sounds like "terra".

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Terrell specializes in Fire and Dragon type Pokemon because he's the leader of the Magma Colosseum and Dragon type Pokemon are often associated with Fire type, as a stereotypical dragon can breathe fire. The reason his outfit looks like Groudon is that Groudon, according to a few Pokedex entries, despite only being Ground type, has heat powers. (Or however you'd describe it.) Also, Terrell is the leader of the Magma Colosseum. Magma is molten rock, rocks are from the ground.


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