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my team is

if there are any TMs I could pick up to make burgh's battle and future battles easier please let me know I am at Castelia City any TMs available before the gym is gonna make my life easier for future and current battles

Not really, unfortunately. Unfezant learns Air Slash at lv. 33 and Air Cutter at lv. 15, so that should be enough though. Pignite learns Flame Charge at lv. 15, and Heat Crash at lv. 27.

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Hey, I looked at a list of TMs in game, and it appears these are the only ones available up to that point:

TM39 Rock Tomb (Relic Castle)
TM41 Torment (Castelia Sewers)
TM44 Rest (Castelia City)
TM45 Attract (Castelia City)
TM46 Thief (Virbank Complex)

All the rest you would've found via regular gameplay, as they're given to you in the storyline.

Like Kyogre71 said, you may as well just grind your Pignite and Unfezant. Good luck!


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I guess this moves aren't that useful for his team... Still good work finding it.