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Should I use Sandile Pignite Lucario and Tranquil
To defeat Elesa

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The obvious answer would probably be "use Sandile". I don't see why anyone would want to do anything else in this situation.

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Evolve your Sandile to Krokorok (Sandile evolves at Level 29). Use your Krokorok when Elesa sends out Flaffy and Zebsrtika. Use your Lucario when she sends out Emolga.

Sandile can learn crunch, so it handles Emolga just fine. Why would you suggest using Lucario against it?
Lucario can learn Rock Tomb/Slide and Stone Edge through TM as well as Ice Punch through Move Tutor in Gen 5.
Are you sure all of those TMs and move tutors can be found before defeating Elesa? Also, Sandile can learn all those rock attacks as well as Lucario.