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I want to make my lombre powerful and strong,but it is taking to much of time to make grow by one level also so how can I make my lombre grow quickly by levels and I also want the attack list of its attacks?and where can I find a rare candy seller?


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You can make your poke stronger by EV training him.
+vitamins+power items+a macho brace and you might get a pokerus if you are lucky enough!!
all the info here http://pokemondb.net/ev

and about leveling him faster any time you let him hold an exp.share so hell gain exp every time


               -Zen headbutt

not very sure about the moveset but this is my moveset and the best one I could find :)
here is Lombre page http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/lombre

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First of All, You Should Evolve it. Ludicolos are much stronger and Lombre doesnt learn any good attacks whether evolved or not. Ev Train it in Special Attack, and Speed(for ev info, look here: http://pokemondb.net/ev ). For a moveset:
Double Team(if he can dodge wel enough, hes unstoppable)
Giga Drain(Strong STAB, heals him)
Surf(Strong Reliable STAB)
Rain Dance(If he has Swift Swim Ability, This Boosts his Speed Nicely, If he has Rain Dish, This is Great For Healing)
Strategy: Start With Double Team: If He Has Good Evasiveeness, he cant be stopped. Then, after 5 double Teams, Use Rain Dance: This Heals Him/Boosts his Speed, and powers up surf. Then Surf The Foe to death. If Ludicolo gets low on health, use Giga Drain for Healing.

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Look, it's not hard for you to find its attack list, so I won't even bother. I will, however, give highlights of its best learnable attacks through levelup and TM/HM.

Fake Out is great for Lombre, it always its first, and it always makes the opponent flinch, so it's a great move for a cheap first attack.

Get Surf on Lombre to compliment that acceptable Special Attack. It's strong, too!

Get Energy Ball on Lombre too. It gets STAB, just like Surf, uses its Special Attack, and has a chance of lowering Special Defense, resulting in better attacking.

Finally put Ice Beam on it, for straightforward power and coverage.

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