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My level Zubat is kinda bad and it can't beat ANYTHING! Can you help?
Ability: Inner Focus
Level: 11
- Leech Life
- Astonish
- Supersonic

*Note: I have no idea what ivs and evs this guy has.

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Nidoking can cover grass with megahorn, ice beam, or flamethrower and cover bug with flamethrower or rock slide. The only type that fly can cover and Nidoking can't is fighting, but Nidoking should be able to defeat most fighting Pokemon (including Bruno's) by resisting their STAB and spamming earthquake. If you want to use fly outside of battle, just get a HM slave Farfetch'd.
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GUYS look at my in-game team ok? N offence, but most of ur recommendations r trash cause I already have the stuff in my team.
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I will try help here. I like Zubats lol :3

1. Moves
So basically, you really need more moves on this lil guy :) Three moves isn't enough, so try level him up until he learns better moves. Leech Life is good, Astonish is mediocre, and Supersonic I s okay. Train Zubat up a bit more, and it learns Bite. It's not great, but it's a good fourth move. After that it learns Wing Attack at Level 21.

2. Evolution
At Level 22, Zubat will try to evolve. I wouldn't say no, as the next best move it gets is Poison Fang, which is a very good move, but I wouldn't be able to bear having a Zubat until Level 41 lol. Evolve it, as Golbat has better stats, meaning it can take more hits and deal more damage. While you won't be able to evolve it again into Crobat until you get the National Dex, Golbat is, in my opinion, worth having.

3. Other Options
As others have said, even Golbat is not the best Pokemon. Other alternatives for a Flying type on the team would be Spearow/Fearow, or Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeott. Other notable Poison types are Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Beedrill, Vileplume, and Gengar.

Hope I helped!! Good luck with Zubat, too! :D

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Good answer, and wow, I didn't know people liked those vexations little devils.
I love Zubat
thanks, and yeah, i think that while zubats are annoying, the fact that they din't have eyes/feet and can't help being annoying i think is kinda cute lol. crobat is also really cool :) glad the answer was helpful