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How to make more money in Pokemon ruby?

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i need money to buy ultra balls

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Where are you in the game?
Yeah, where?
I'm playing Emerald; had the same problem.

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Sometimes people call you on your POKéNAV to declare a rematch, so you can get money by winning against them again. Also, if you have the ITEMFINDER, look around deserts and beaches (or anywhere) and you might get an Item that can be sold to shops for a high price.

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  1. Get amulet coin. (After you beat your dad, go to your mom, she'll have the amulet coin for you. After that go and battle)

  2. catch a Zigzagoon/Linoon with pick up and hope you get a nugget.

it would have been much easier if you told me where in the game you are.


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