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I know there's a question like this for regular, but I want to know if the levelings different for a nuzlocke. Thanks!

No problem!
The E4-Champ range is quite large, is it like, if you want a challenge, or don't have pokemon that could be very good against them.
I need a better answer regarding the Elite 4 and Champion please.
Also, are there any team members of the E4 and Champ I should watch out for, considering my team of Swampert, Breloom, Lunatone, Camerupt, Pelipper and Magneton?(Also, Swampert knows Ice Beam just incase you say you need an Ice Move)
All my guys are now level 52 now, is that good?

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Ok, I'm going to average out the levels of the gym leader's mons, then round it, and add one.

Roxanne's Pokemon have the average level of 14.5, or 15. With my one level addition, it is 16. Thus, level 16 seems good for Roxanne.

Brawly's Pokemon have the average of 17.5, or 18. With my one level addition, I would say 19 is good.

Wattson's Pokemon have the average of 21.7, or 22. With my addition, 23.

Flannery's Pokemon have the average of 26.7, or 27. With my addition, 28.

Norman's Pokemon have the average of 29.7, or 30. With my addition, 31.

Winona's Pokemon have the average of 31.5, or 32. With my addition, 33.

Tate and liza's Pokemon have the average of 42. I would actually say 44 because you probably aren't used to double battles.

Wallace's poekmon have the average of 41.4, or 41. I would say 45, because I suggested 44 and you can't go back in levels lol.

Now, the elite four. I'm going to average all of the elite four Pokemon, and give a rough estimate on what I think your Pokemon should be for the whole battle.
Side note: The "algorithm" I'm using is making it more challenging by only adding one, if you want to add more, go for it.

I got the average of 50.4, or 50. However, they are the elite four, and with healing stuff, I would add 3 levels, so 53.

Finally, Steven. He has an average of 56.3, so I would recommend 59 (he's the champion)


Roxanne: 16
Brawly: 19
Wattson: 23
Flannery: 28
Norman: 31
Winona: 33
Tate and Liza: 44
Wallace: 45
Elite four: 53
Steven: 59

My sources were the respective bulbapedia pages.

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The e4 and champion aren't separate battles I think you should combine the e4+champion
Thank you TPB.
But wait, could you answer the side question about pokemon I should specifically watch out for(like Pokemon I don't have a super effective defense for.)
I'm thinking of teaching Pelipper Thief, to deal with the Ghost Type E4. Would that be good?
Hmm, I can check that thing out tomorrow, I can't edit that today.
NEVERMIND! I did it, see my wall to see my final NUZLOCKE UPDATE!!!
Noice. I'll still update it incase anyone else needs help with this
16 is good for Roxanne. Your starter also evolves then