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So, I'm about to fight Tate and Liza. One of my Pokemon in the double battle will be Tsunami the Swampert (Water Super Effective), however, I don't have another good match. BLR the Pelipper has super effective Surf, but it's vulnerable to their Rock STAB, and Bisque the Breloom, who has super effective Giga Drain, is weak to their Psychic STAB. So which one should I use?

(I also have a Camerupt named Victory, a Magneton named Fridge, and a Lunatone named Cheetos, if you think I should use one of those.)

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Not everyone keeps up with your Nuzlocke, so you can't expect us to know what these Pokemon are. Would you mind giving the actual names of the Pokemon as well, please?
Woops, Bisque is a Breloom, Tsunami is a Swampert, and BLR is a Pelipper.

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You should use Pelipper over Breloom. It's ever so slightly bulkier, meaning it has a higher chance of living some hits. It overlaps types with Swampert, so if it goes down, no real harm is done (Fly is never a necessity in-game). Two Water types slamming the two Rock types with spread moves will get the job done much faster than one Water type and one Grass type, with the Grass type only targeting one opponent.

Hope I helped, and good luck!

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Thanks, I'll try this and hopefully, hopefully, they'll survive, I'll say whether or not they do after the battle.
Yes! I killed them both so fast! Solrock died in one turn, Lunatone hung on with like one health, missed it's attack, and then the Leader spent the next few rounds healing it, but when they ran out, it died!
Thanks again!