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It doesn't learn any good Water moves other than Surf and Hydro Pump, but that's at like lvl. 61, so that's not happening. It would also allow me to train better, as I'd have all my guys that I actually train, out.

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What's BLR?
A Pelipper.

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Yes, you should. It is powerful accurate water STAB that also allows you to surf. It beats Hydro Pump due to being 100 percent accurate and Hydro Pump being super late(Hydro Pump is only 85 percent accurate, which can cost you your Pelipper). The only water STABs it gets are Water Gun(super weak), Hidden Power if you get lucky(even if you do it might be a super weak one, even if you get max power the max BP will be 70, which is weak compared to Surf), Surf(accurate and powerful), Hydro Pump(super powerful but shaky accuracy), and Water Pulse(only good if you want to hax trainers, and still not as reliably damaging as Surf). As you can see, Surf is the best. I hope I've helped!

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