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So, I just went through Winoana's team, and I have Victory (Camerupt)'s Rock Slide that should take care of everything, HOWEVER, If the Pelipper lives, it could kill Victory with super-duper effective Water STAB, Cheetos (Lunatone), who is the only other Pokemon that knows a SE move that isn't underleveled (caught a Magnemite a while back), so should I bring him out and train him for Pelliper, it could probably OHKO him...

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Cool then
Magneton is a strong Pokemon. You should consider adding it to your main team, not just using it against Winona.
I probably will, but I'm not sure of who to replace, perhaps Reaper, but I'm not sure, I'll do some research on usefulness.(EX: Gym Stab and Resistance.
I just did the research on all that, and I think I'll replace Reaper with Fridge(as in a fridge magnet), not only will it help a lot with Winoana, it'll help both offensively and defensively better than Reaper ever would, sorry Reaper, you're gone.
Camerupt is very slow so I would'nt risk it as it would get outsped and KOed with STAB-Water type super effective damage.

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Your BLR should do the trick. Teach it Shock Wave and Ice Beam, and spam Ice Beam, when the Pelipper and Skarmory come out, use Shock Wave, assuming you still have it. Even if you don't, with Ice Beam, she is a joke. Besides, it is so weak that any good Pokemon, even those that don't have type advantages, can beat it (don't use something weak against it though). You can also use Magneton. It beats everything not named Altaria with Thunderbolt. Don't use it against Altaria because of it having Earthquake. I hope I've helped!

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Also, where in the ship is Ice Beam?
Nevermind, I found it. I'm wondering if I should give it to Swampert instead though, or maybe give him Blizzard...
I think Swampert is a better ice beam user.
Thanks, I'll probably give it to Swampert then.
Yeah Swampert is better