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Which one should I choose in Diamond?
Taking on the elite 4 and both have good typing for some of the battles and I'll be giving ice beam to whichever one to take out Cynthia's Garchomp, thats my main reason for asking the question, I just don't know who to pick...Both have positives and negatives when taking on the elite 4!
Also if it helps,
Gastrodon - Relaxed nature
Pelipper - Quiet nature
Not the best natures for them fair enough but i'm not going to be using them competitively!

Also if it helps the other 5 members of the team are,
Raichu, Roserade, Drapion, Girafarig and Hippowdon


Thanks :)

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were is your Starter ?
I decided to leave it in the pc, i like a challenge!
nice :D

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Well, you really love a challenge, don’t you? The Sluggish Slug VS the Crazy Pelican! Since someone already suggested Gastrodon, I’m going to speak for Peliper.
Here is my recommended moveset:

  • Fly
  • Surf
  • Ice Beam/ Blizzard
  • Roost

The way your team is designed now, you lack two key aspect of a good ingame team: Fly and Surf.
With Peliper, you can get both! However, its Attack is minimal, so I would not use Fly in battle. It also got the Defensive bulk to (maybe) survive a hit from Cynthia’s Garchomp and then revenge-kill it with ice Beam/Blizzard. Both have to be taught via TM so it is your choice. I would use Ice Beam since it is more reliable.
Roost is good, sweet, reliable recovery.

One mayor advantage Peliper have over Gastrodon is the Speed. It can outspeed anything on Berthas team with relative ease, and it provides a nice Flying type VS Aaron. Against the gym leaders, if fares slightly worse except for Gardenia.
Gastrodon on the other hand fairs better versus the rest of the E4, due to better overall bulk and Ground type. Since your Roserade already deals with Berth, Gastrodon can take down Flint with relative ease.

  • Surf
  • Mud Bomb
  • Ice Beam/ Blizzard
  • Recover

Overall, Gastrodons Ground type, overall better Stats and movepool makes it superior to Peliper, but as I said before, your team lack Fly, and honestly, you will have big problems with the E4 anyway. Bertha may not be a problem either way, but Aaron, Flint and primarily Lucien will give you a very difficult time as it is now. Might I suggest replacing Girafarig? It is a very weak Pokemon, and it has poor types. I would suggest using Staraptor instead.
A good moveset would be:

  • Aerial Ace/Brave Bird
  • Fly
  • Close Combat
  • Take Down/Endeavor

So my tip: Use Peliper if you don’t want to replace anything, use Staraptor and Gastrodon if you can bid Girafarig adieu. Hope it helped!

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With the already tough challenge i'm raising an onix! So raising 8 pokemon at once :P Also I always knew it would be tough but if it was too easy it would be boring!
Thanks for your help and I think it is best to go with Pelipper!
You are right, he is better suited for the Elite four, with Fly and Surf!
Thanks for your help! :)
Glad to help. Good luck!
"The Sluggish Slug VS the Crazy Pelican" You just made my day :D
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Gastrodon is a better choice so here is a moveset you may enjoy
Earthpower STAB/Toxic
Ice Beam
Surf =STAB
gastrodon has better stats and with recover can take down cynthias garchomp in no time go gastrodon!

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I'd go with gastrodon..

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Why Gastrodon if you don't mind me asking!
This sounds really stupid but i just have 2 say gastrodon is much more awesome than pelliper
Omg you need a reason why you prefer gastrodon. WHY?
OK firstly water-ground has only 1 4x weakness while water-flyingg has one 4x and 1 2x weakness.. Then gastrodon can hav the storm drain ability which is way better than keen eye.. Thirdly Gastrodon has more attacking and HP stats which i would choose any day over higher defense.. and lastly i like water-ground combinatn coz i love swampert