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Only list Cart formats like BSS and VGC. Smogon formats are not included.

I'm pretty sure all the VGCs, BSSs, and GBUs have team preview starting gen 5.
What is GBU @sumwun
I think it's what BSS was called in gen 5. I forget what the letters stand for.

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I don't think I've ever seen a cartridge format ever skip team preview entirely, even all of the weird little battle spot metas. The closest was where you only had 1 second for team preview for a competition where you were only allowed to use either a single pikachu or eevee (so team preview is essentially useless), which makes me think that it isn't even possible to create a cartridge format without team preview. Granted, that was in gen 7, and maybe that ability has been programmed into swsh, but I doubt it.


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