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Whatever these things are, they seem to lower the catch rate of a Pokemon by quite a bit. I tried looking it up, but I found nothing on either. Can anyone explain these?

Nobody knows what mystery terrain is. That's why it's called mystery terrain. Thick grass is explained here. https://www.dragonflycave.com/mechanics/gen-v-capturing It's also on Bulbapedia, but there it's called dark grass. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Tall_grass
Huh. So being in double grass lower your chance of catching the Pokemon? I didn't know that. But how did someone know what the mystery terrain was in order to call it that and know that it lowers the catch rate?

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Might as well take this off the unanswered list.

Thick Grass
Thick Grass (also called Double or Dark Grass) is Grass in the overworld that is darker in appearance. You can encounter Double Wild battles here. Pokémon in this area are usually higher level than other Pokémon on the route. Your success in capturing Pokémon in this area depends on how many Pokémon you have registered in your Pokédex.

Mystery Terrain
I cannot find much information on this. The information from the sources provided states the same thing as Thick Grass: The less Pokémon you have registered in your Pokédex, the harder it is to catch Pokémon in Mystery Terrain.

So, all in all, in the mystery terrain, it is extremely difficult to catch Pokémon at the beginning of the game, when you've caught few Pokémon, and it only becomes as easy as normal when you have more than 600 Pokémon caught.

I recommend giving the sources a good read, they're pretty interesting.