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I'm building an X-Y In-Game team and I was looking for Ice Types. One that caught my eye was Glaceon. Then I realised that the Ice Rock is all the way in the Frost Cavern, and that would mean having an unevolved Eevee for 2/3 of the game. Is Glaceon worth it? If not, please suggest a good Ice type in place of it!

My Team
-Wood Hammer
-Spiky Shield
-Hammer Arm
-Bulk Up

-Bug Buzz
-Air Slash

-Water Pulse
-Ice Beam
-Dark Pulse

-High Jump Kick
-Zen Headbutt
-Ice Punch
-Mind Reader

-Cross Poison
-Toxic Spikes
-Hone Claws

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I thought Yanmega couldn't learn Fly...
Nope, it can't.

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I would say Glaceon isn't worth the wait. Though Glaceon has a high sp. attack stat. It know more physical than special. Unless you transfer your Pokemon to ORAS and find a move tutar that know signal beam or water pulse. Your Glaceon is locked onto really 3 moves,

Ice beam/blizzard
shadow ball

Glaceon will only be a helpful the dragon type elite 4. However, Her drudigon knows revenge and her noivern knows flamethrower.

I would honeslty prefer a mamoswine or a walrein so maybe you should get those. Glaceon is still a choice since it is tanky but its moovpool aint that good.

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