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I have an Eevee in my party.

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It depends how early you can reach the icy rock. If Glaceon can't evolve until after every trial, then it's probably trash.

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Glaceon is a good in-team Pokemon because the Ice type is super effective to many types, and 2 of the Elite Four’s Pokemon are weak to Ice type moves. Also, Acerola’s Pokemon are weak to Ghost types, and Glaceon can use Shadow Ball.

I'm pretty sure there are other Pokemon, like maybe Pelipper or Sandslash, that can use ice attacks and don't require carrying around a weak unevolved Pokemon for over half the game. Try using those instead of Glaceon.
True, but you can get Glaceon from the GTS
If you're allowing GTS, why not just get a Pheromosa and sweep the whole game with it?