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Right before you battle Lugia, is that where I can save and then soft reset to try to get a shiny Lugia? Or do I have to save before it even appears?


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Yes,all Pokemon can be shiny bt you have to be lucky!There is 1 chance in 8,192 that you will meet a shiny ,so keep trying!

edit:Im pretty sure that both choices are fine but better save before it even appears.

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No, not all Pokemon.
yes you are right.the only pokemon who cant be shny are zekom,reshiram and victini.Although gamefreak has programmed their shiny sprites and you can get these 3 as shiny pokemon via cheating.
You didn't really answer the description ???
What? DarkStar, that's not true. You can always get shiny Pokémon without cheating. That's what im doing.
No, shiny zekrom, victini, and reshiram cannot be shiny, but the code for their sprites is in the game, and can only be hacked to retrieve it.
Yeah Wello9 you can't get a shiny of any of those above :3