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Basically, can Lugia be 1HKO whiteout any support from Stealth Rocks, weather, a stat raising move and Status Condition but with a Critical Hit and/or a Choice item equipped?

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Yes, as a matter of fact, that Lugia you always fear of not being able to OHKO, is, in fact, able to be OHKO'd, even without crits. However, don't get your hopes up yet. Let's look at some calcs...

252 Atk Choice Band Zekrom (+Atk) Bolt Strike vs 252 HP/252 Def Lugia (+Def) : 112.5% - 132.69%
Guaranteed OHKO

252 SpAtk Choice Specs Kyurem-W (+SpAtk) Blizzard vs 252 HP/252 SpDef Lugia (+SpDef) : 100.96% - 118.99%
Guaranteed OHKO

Just some examples on how much is needed to take down Lugia. Seeing that Zekrom boasts the highest Attack (Base 150) stat while still getting a SE STAB move on Lugia is quite amazing. And seeing that Kyurem-W has litterally the strongest Blizzard ever, and BARELY KO's Lugia, you can see why Lugia + Multiscale has become one of the scariest things to face in Ubers. Sure, it's possible to OHKO it, but don't think it will be easy.

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I honestly didn't think it was possible, thank you.
You're welcome.
Gotta remember to keep a Zekrom with me at all times >.>
Yveltal lifeorb 252 sp.atk
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I don't think that it is possible to knock out Lugia in one hit with it's amazing stats.
But if you count Destiny Bond as a move then yes it can. Although it is unlikely that a Lugia will OHKO any Pokemon.
So Destiny Bond seems to be the only option for OHKO'ing a Lugia.
Sorry if this wasn't what you were looking for.

Lugia could OHKO a Lv.2 Pidgey.
Did you figure that out on your own? :P
lolz Pika Master
Lugia could also OHKO a Shedinja with one Aeroblast. XP
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yes with a 252 sp attack ice burn white kuyrem