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I'm about to encounter giratina in the distortion world and I want to put it in my team. But the problem is I don't know who to switch out in my team.

my current team is:

I kinda want to switch Drifblim but I'm not sure. What do you people think?

Honestly you shouldn't even need too with that team. But if want too get rid of Driftblim so you don't overlap Ghost typing.

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I think you should go with your guts and switch Drifblim out for Girgantina. First off, they are both ghost type so it benefits you. Though Drfblim is a flying type, Girgantina has access to Fly and other great moves. Also, Girgantina will help you with Lucian, an elite four and Cynthia's Garchomp. Lastly, of your team, Drifblim is your weakest Pokemon on your team. Sure, Gabite is weaker but it will evolve to Garchomp which will then be your 2nd strongest Pokemon on your team.

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If you're just going for an in game team, I'd get rid of Drifblim. Giratina can learn Ghost type moves and Flying moves, in addition to some pretty powerful Dragon moves. But honestly, like PX said, this team is pretty solid, so the decision is yours.