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Hey, I need a suggestion on whether to use Palkia or Giratina for a tank until I can revive my main pokėmon. They're both pretty bulky.

Giratina moveset:
Shadow Force
Aura Sphere

Palkia moveset:
Water Pulse
Spacial Rend
Ice Beam
Heal Block

I've been meaning to fet rid of Heal Block, but I keep forgetting


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Honestly, Giratina would be the better choice in this scenario.
Why? well, let's see...

Giratina boasts a base 150 HP stat, with Base 120 Defenses.

Palkia can only show he has a Base 90 HP stat, with a Base 100 Defense, and a base 120 SDefense.

Clearly, you can see that Giratina can take a hit much easier, so I am suggesting you use it for that purpose.

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