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Palkia was made to control space and dialga for time but why was giratina created?

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So, Dialga was made to control space and Dialga for time.  SEEMS SO LEGIT.

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Giratina, in addition to ruling the distortion world (as its sole resident), is master of matter and antimatter. The distortion world contains antimatter, a highly destructive type of matter with reverse charges to regular matter that when in contact with matter converts to pure energy (explodes). Basically, as dialga is associated with time (when), palkia is associated with space (where), giratina is associated with substance (what). Giratina was banished to the chaotic distortion world by arceus for causing chaos with matter and antimatter, so unlike the rest of his trio he isn't really a good master of his domain.

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He used to be just a legendary Pokemon. But he was banned from the regular world (Like somebody being banned from this site, because this site is clearly the real world ;P). So he made his own demension and lived the for eternity. But it always wants to be in the real world, but it causes havic in the real world. When the portal is opened in Platinum, thats when the whole thing goes wrong. And the disortion world and the real world is kept in balance by it.

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To control the opposite world to ours, the Distortion World. It was banished here.