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I wanted if giratina was better physical or special. also, can you tell me how to turn it into origin form?

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What will you do with the Giratina? Beat in-game trainers, or something else?
You turn it into origin form by having it hold the item griseous orb.

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Giratina can change into its origin forme by holding the griseous orb.

Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Griseous_Orb

As for the main question, I would recommend running a special attacking
Giratina because of its access to decent coverage and STAB such as:

  • Earth Power
  • Thunderbolt/Thunder
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Ancient Power
  • Shadow Ball
  • Energy Ball.

(Note: Giratina’s STAB also gets a further 20% boost in damage when holding the Griseous Orb.)

These are just some examples of Giratina’s special attacking movepool in platinum, you can check the rest from my source:


edit: Draco Meteor is also a move of note that Giratina has access to.

edit: Giratina’s signature move Shadow Force, while physical-attacking, is also also something to be noted so for this reason I wouldn’t recommend running a -Atk nature as even when uninvested, the damage can still be considerable.

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Why aren't you talking about Draco Meteor?
While I have to agree, it's Signature move Shadow Force is amazing and is Physical attack. So while Giratina's 90% better as a Special Attacker/tank, you probably shouldn't use a minus-Physical attack nature.
Fair point mate, have added an edit to the answer.