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What would the capture rate be to catch a Giratina with either a :
Premier ball
Great Ball
Ultra Ball
Dusk Ball (assuming its night)

Oh yeah I forgot its at level 47 and on red pixel
But out of interest what would it be for full health ?

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I think that the distortion world coutns as a cave.. and it's dark anyway so the Dusk Ball probably works no matter what.
Plus its the coolest looking poke ball ever.

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Time for everyone's favorite thing, math!

Here comes a formula. Are you ready?

> What is all of this Le Poo Poo?

HPmax is the Pokemon's maximum HP.
HPcurrent is the Pokemon's current HP.
rate is the Pokemon's catch rate. Giratina's is 3.
bonusball is catch modifiers on PokeBalls. I get to that later.
bonusstatus is a status bonus. Freeze has a value of 2, and 1.5 for paralysis, poison, and burn.

and on red pixel

Since you said "Pixel", I'm going to assume it has one pixel of HP left in the HP bar. After measurements, we can tell that the HP bar is 48 pixels long on a DS screen. With one pixel, this means Giratina has anywhere from 1 HP to 1/48th of its maximum HP at Level 47 (212 with 31 IVs, 198 with 0 IVs.).
Essentially, this means Giratina has anywhere from 1 to 5 HP left. (Same from 0-31 IVs)

I'll save you the math:

Red HP Capture Rates:

Poke Ball/Premiere Ball with 5 HP (Identical): 2.95
Poke Ball/Premiere Ball with 1 HP: 2.99
Great Ball with 5 HP: 4.43
Great Ball with 1 HP: 4.48-4.49
Ultra Ball with 5 HP: 5.90-5.91
Ultra Ball with 1 HP: 5.97-5.98
Dusk Ball with 5 HP: 10.32-10.33
Dusk Ball with 1 HP: 10.46-10.47

For the Poke Ball calculations and first Great Ball calculations, 0 IV calculations were slightly less than their 31 IV counterparts. So they will not be included separately.

Full HP Capture Rates:

Poke Ball/Premiere Ball: 1
Great Ball: 1.5
Ultra Ball: 2
Dusk Ball: 3.5

But Le Skeeter Johnson!!! How are the catch rates lower than Giratina's actual catch rate?!

This is due to how the formula is calculated. Here's a sample equation, with HPmax being "x", HPcurrent being "x" as well since it as at full HP, and rate being 3:

3(3x - 2x)/3x

This is how the formula works, and it is Game Freak's decision to make it this way. This could possibly be a more difficult way to catch Pokemon, but nobody can be sure.

Source 1 | Source 2 | HP Bar Source

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Everyone should love math :D
My favorite thing isn't math, it's mathSSS!
You missed out sleep, which has the same as frozen
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The catch rate for giratina with a pokeball and full hp is 3 or 0.4%. I don't know about the great ball, ultra ball, and dusk ball at nights catch rate. The premier ball only boosts the catch rate for event Pokemon, and the catch rate is the same as the pokeball if it is not an event, plus I doubt that the giratina is an event Pokemon.hopefully this answers your question, hope I helped!

What about the shiny giratina event?
Itd non eventive pinsir if its a word...
Arceus was an event, you get to throw a pokeball at it