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I'm about to fight the elite 4 in platinum and my teams move sets are pretty good, but I think I want to change a few moves
The pokémon that I wanna change are:
Houndoom with flamethrower, fire blast, dark pulse, and faint attack, I want to change faint attack to something else
Luxray with Thunderbolt, thunder, crunch, thunder fang, I want to change crunch or thunder fang to something else
And Garchomp with Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Stone Edge, and Dig, I want to change dig to something else
Are there any better moves to replace these ones? Also if there are any other better moves to replace the other moves that they have, let me know. Thanks in advance :)

I don't think Houndoom has any good moves other than flamethrower and dark pulse. Crunch is good on Luxray, because it's stronger against psychic than any of Luxray's other moves, but you can replace thunder fang with iron tail if you're okay with using one-time TMs.
What TM's do you have?
@Da Primarina I have access to every tm before the postgame.
Fire fang instead of dig. Cause you have double ice weakness.

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Change Luxray's thunder and thunder fang to roar (in case the opponent raises its own stats) and iron tail. You should keep crunch because it covers psychic. Otherwise, the team looks good.

Also if your Houndoom ever reaches level 60, then you can teach it nasty plot over faint attack.

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Houndoom has good moves except faint attack . Train to level 60 and get nasty plot. Surf at the lake in snowpoint city and get to the wild grass .There you can grind and get houndoom to level 60. Teach garchomp areal ace becuse flying is really good for the elote four .

But watch out for ice fangs in the elite four on ypir garchomp

Defeating the Pokemon League without nasty plot is probably easier than getting nasty plot.