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I just went through Eterna Forest and got to Eterna City. My team is
Lvl 22 Prinpulp(Yogurt)
Lvl 20 Luxio(Friskies)
My Prinpulp has Peck too.

You can get a Bidoof so you can use rock smash and cut until you can get better HM slaves, like Tropius. If you want more battlers, then you can get a Starly.
The seocnd Gym is easy enough to beat with my current team then?
0 SpA [level 22] Roserade Magical Leaf vs. 24 HP / 24 SpD [level 20] Luxio: 36-43 (62 - 74.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Probably no.
You can get a new Pokemon or level up the Pokemon you already have, and level grinding might be easier.
You should probably catch a Starly since Staraptor and Staravia lets you sweep Maylene later on. Staraptor also learns Close Combat which is always useful.
Where is the cloest location where I can catch a starly?
I think the best place to get Starly is Route 204 because you can get them at level 11.
I will head over to there ASAP

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It cannot be understated how amazing Starly is. Its stats are competent, it evolves early, Staravia gets Intimidate for an ability, and Staraptor even learns Close Combat to turn Rock and Steel types from walls to prey. Use it. By now you can easily catch one in Route 204 at a good level and destroy Gardenia.

Also, catch a Bidoof as soon as you can. It makes a great HM slave. Replace it when you can catch Bibarels in the wild.

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I would not say it destroyed Gardenia, but it definitely helped.
Funny story, I actually critted her Roserade, and the rest of the team was a joke.