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Is Shuckle better than Torterra when battlng other people, the Battle Frontier, or in-game trainers?

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Is this just for an in-game playthrough?
Why is this tagged Pikachu and Light Ball?
What do you want to do with a Shuckle or Torterra? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Frontier, or in-game trainers?
What game are you playing? Please tell in details or else no one could answer it
"Should I choose Shuckle or Torterra in Platinum?"


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Torterra for In-game, Shuckle for post-game

For in-game playthrough, Shuckle is terrible. Complete garbage, with no offensive threats due to horrendous speed and offensive stats. Torterra is leagues ahead in this category.

For Battle Frontier, most of the battles are shorter, and Shuckle and Torterra are both good but a Rest/ Toxic / Protect / Substitute Shuckle would be very useful tactic to use against the AI (barring Poison or Steel types and taunt users).

For online battles, Shuckle is again quite useful as a lead, for setting up Stealth Rock and trapping your opponent with Sand Tomb and wearing them down with Toxic. However, while Torterra is a decent pick as well, it is generally too slow and 4x weak to Ice Beam (a super common coverage move) to be a huge threat.

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Defensive Pokemon like Shuckle are pretty bad in 3v3 battles like the ones in the Battle Frontier. Sleep moves and critical hits can easily ruin your strategy. In competitive battles, Shuckle is outclassed by Blissey because Blissey has higher HP, less weaknesses (especially to stealth rock), and can heal faster.