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Im getting a Torterra in Platinum and am trying to decide whether to get a torterra with double speed natures to make it really fast or double special attack natures to give it a strong giga drain and/or leaf storm. Tell me which one would be better for it and why. Also, tell me a good moveset for it with the natures you say would be better for torterra. Thank You in advanced,


5 Answers

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It's a ten percent raise not double I would go with
[email protected] Adamant
-Rock Polish
-Wood Hammer
-Stone Edge

Yeah I knwo that now, god is this an old question.
doesnt matter if its old aslongas theres a better answer
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My torterra has awesome speed and attack he pwns every one with

his earthquake. I would suggest speed. A good moveset would be

earthquake, energyball, stone edge, and wood hammer/razor leaf.

Earthquake becuase well it is an awesome move with stab easily

pwns any non flying/ levitate/grass pokemon. Energy ball becuase

some pokemon have extremely high defense so a special attack is

good for a just in case move. Stone edge for type coverage for all of

his weaknesses look it up fire, bug, flying, and ice. Wood hamer/

razor leaf you need to compliment his attack with a good phyical

grass type move.

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If you're not going Sp.Atk, don't  run Energy Ball.
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My bro says go with double special attack natures.

Try it.

K, that makes 2 for special attack and 1 for speed. Any more answers. Ill take and vote up any vote for speed or special attack
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You could always have single special attack nature, and single speed.

I think ill do that.
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Go for speed cause torterra could use more speed