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i have an epic torterra in my epic platinum version. whats NOT so epic is its speed. it has the lowest base speed stat of all fully-evolved Pokemon. all of them! so I need to raise its speed a lot. it could be useful while I'm facing the snowpoint gym. (4x weakness to ice, no torterra is safe there.) thank you to whoever answers first!

EV wise, I wouldn't recommend you raise its speed at all. Even at highest speed, it'll still be incredibly slow, and therefore a waste of your time. Most Pokemon with Ice moves will outspeed Toterra at max speed, and OHKO it. Instead, raise its HP, so it can take hits better.

Also, if you've already used it throughout your game, its EVs will all be used up already. You'll need to reset its EVs with EV reducing berries, or...breed another one.

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Actually Ferrothorn and escavalier are the slowest fully evolved Pokemon, but here's some things that can help all Pokemon

Abilities: sand rush, swift swim, chlorophyll, speed boost, quick feet, steadfast, motor drive moody unburden
-Speed Boost raises the holders speed by one level each turn
-Chlorophyll doubles speed in sun
-Swift Swim doubles speed in rain
-Sand Rush doubles speed in sand
-Quick Feet boosts speed when statused
-Motor Drive boosts speed when hit with an electric type move
-Unburden boosts speed when the item is lost
-Moody may boost speed at the end of each turn
-Steadfast boosts speed when the holder flinches

Natures: timid, hasty, jolly, naive
-Timid boosts speed and lowers attack
-Hasty boosts speed and lowers defense
-Jolly boosts speed and lowers special attack
-Naive boosts speed and lowers special attack

Effort Values and Individual values
-Having 252 evs and 31 IVs will maximize speed

-Choice Scarf boosts speed by 1.5x, but restricts the user to one move
-X-speed raises speed one level, but like all stat boosts disappears after switching
-Quick Powder (only for ditto)
-Quick Claw prioritizes the users first move, as does custap berry
-Salac berry boosts speed one stage at 25% hp

-Boost by one level:
--dragon dance
--silver wind
ancient power
--*ominous wind
--quiver dance
--flame charge
-Boost by two levels:
--auto maize
--shift gear
--rock polish
--she'll smash
--tailwind (it doubles the whole teams speed for four turns)

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An asterisk means the speed boost is not guaranteed
actually naive decreases special defense NOT special attack just for future reference
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  1. Have it use a boosting move(I'm not sure if Torterra can learn any)
  2. Baton Pass a boost to it
  3. Give it more Speed EVs
  4. Use an X-Speed
1. im gonna take your word for it and not bother with it.
2. dont have any pokemon that learn baton pass in my party
3. i may need examples
4. im gonna try this one after i beat candice (im facing her right now :D)
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Well first off it is not a very high level you might be able too give it carbos's if you can't do that try to give it like a focus sash or something to keep it alive if those don't work give it something that will up its speed like a quick powder or choice scarf I think or just use X speeds or try to make it a little stronger so it can at least take one ice move or hope Candice is dumb and uses something like block or embargo or some crap that doesn't do damage. Hope this helps :D

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