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Attack or Special Attack. Sorry I forgot to add the Non-Legendary thing. Psuedo-legendary Pokemon don't count, and neither does cresselia, heatran, etc.

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cresselia, heatran, etc. are clearly legendarie, Pesuedo Legendaries are Not.

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Deoxys-Attack, who has 330 BST when Attack/Special Attack (won't matter which one, they are both base 180) and Speed are combined.

Not including legendaries, it is Slaking, with 260 BST (160 in Attack, 100 in Speed). Slaking does not qualify as a pseudo-legendary since Truant essentially kills its viability.


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Where did 280 come from? 180 (Atk/ Sp. Atk) + 150 (Spd) = 330? Or maybe I just missed something...
Yeah I mixed up 150 with 100.

I think I'm used to things like Jirachi and Celebi who have base 100 on all of their stats. :/
Oh right lol I just thought my maths was off or Deoxy's-S was at base 100 speed.
Not much of a sweeper...
Are you referring to Deoxys-A as not much of a sweeper?
Of course it would be deoxys.
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It would be Alakazam, weavile, Haxorus (not the best speed but its good) and scyther