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Which is better I know that they are the best grass starter evolved form

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Sceptile grass, Torterra grass/ground, so Torterra is great at the moveset. But, sceptile 2x damaged by ice and Torterra 4x. Now from the stats, i think Sceptile just win at the speed, and the other stat was won by Torterra. So, i will chosse Torterra because it moveset! That's my opinion...

do you know where i can find a turtwig in white 2?
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Type-wise, it has 5 weaknesses when attacked and 4 strengths. It has a high speed, but a low defense and HP. Its’ special defense is decent. Its’ special attack is a good bit higher than its’ attack, but it can learn a good selection in both move fields.
Attack: Night Slash, Leaf blade, Dragon Claw, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Drain Punch, Giga Impact, Rock Slide, and X-Scissor
Special Attack: Leaf Storm, Hyper Beam, Giga Drain, Solar Beam, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, and Dragon Pulse

Type-wise, it’s not the best. It has 4 weaknesses including a x4 weakness to ice and only 3 strengths when attacked. It Ties with Meganium for the lowest base stat. It is astonishingly slow, but has high HP, Defense, and attack stats. It’s Special Attack is low. It has some good move options and variety, including enough diversity in move types to have four solid attack moves to gloss over the low special attack stat.
Attack: Crunch, Earthquake, Wood Hammer, Iron Tail, Stone Edge, and Rock Slide
Special Attack: Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, and Energy Ball

I'd go with Sceptile because of the moves and lack of a x4 weakness

I started disliking torterra when i realized Ash's never won a battle.
pl try in future not to bring up old (i mean VERY OLD) questions.
@blaziken39 , yeah, but that's Ash. Enough said.
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For 1, SWAMPERT IS THE BEST STARTER EVLOVED FORM! Now, to answer your question. I would choose Torterra because of it having excellent Health, Attack, and Defense for a starter. And as you know, he can be pretty fast, too. Sceptile's problem is it has high special attack, but most of it's good moves are physical. Torterra has a good variety of moves in Both fields. It has an AMAZING Earthquake and a pretty good Leaf Storm. Sceptile Has an AMAZING Leaf Storm and a decent Leaf Blade. My old Torterra Knows Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Leaf Storm, and Crunch.

Yeah,in a double battle you could send out Torterra and a Trick Room user.Then Torterra could use It's amazing attack to demolish the opponents.
uuuhhhhh...Swampert? the deep fish right? though i must say, swamper's typing is awesome, and it has some okay stats, its normal move set, (especially back in Gen III before the Physical/Special redo in 4th gen) was horrendous, Blaziken, Charizard, and Emboar, all the way,
Come on, infernape is a great starter if you train it right... I have solid proof
swampert is not really the best stat-wise it is but it has 2 4x weaknesses with the introduction to freeze-dry
Torterra's max speed is 232. Not very fast.
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Skeptile has a better move set variety. Mine knows leaf blade, earthquake, dragon claw, and aerial ace. If you get its attack EVs really high then it will be beast. With these moves you have a super effective attack on pretty much every type