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pretty much in the question above.


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Grass Knot works on opponents that are heavier than you. Energy Ball deals damage and has a 10% chance to lower the enemy's Special Defense.

As Z-Moves, Grass Knot and Energy Ball become Bloom Doom with 160 and 175 power respectively.

Sceptile is a speedy special attacker, which means that it can utilize very powerful Grass-type moves, like Energy Ball. So, I would use Energy Ball due to it having more power than Grass Knot.

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Energy Ball is very good with 90 base power and 100% accuracy but Grass Knot has power depending on weight and is also 100% accuracy. I would recommend grass knot because if you fight like a Wailord or a hippowdon, it will one shot them easily.

So, grass knot is the move you should go with.

But he won't always be fighting a Wailord or a Hippowdon. Against most Pokemon, grass knot is weaker than energy ball.