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See its like this, I was playing Pokemon Showdown and made this Torterra:


Torterra (M) @ Groundium Z
Ability: Shell Armour
- Crunch
- Earthquake
- Rock Climb
- Frenzy Plant

But then it said that Torterra cannot learn Rock Climb.

Now, I've had some experience with a Torterra that I got in Soul Silver and HE knew Rock Climb. So I know that he can learn it from the HM. Someone told me its because there are no HM's in Sun/Moon.


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Your Torterra has shell armor, which is a hidden ability. Hidden abilities are available only on Pokemon originating Generation 5 or later. Torterra can only learn rock climb in Generation 4. Since Pokemon can't be transferred backward, Torterra with shell armor can't learn rock climb.
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This is kinda off topic, but crunch, frenzy plant, rock climb and groundium Z are not good things to have on a Torterra.

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Thanks. Oh well, what do I know.
Cool source thing you did.