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My Drapion in platinum knows toxic spikes and my Lopunny knows protect, so should I teach Lopunny toxic to go with protect, or just have Drapion in front so I always use toxic spikes?

Are you using this against other people, the Battle Frontier, or in-game trainers?
The battle frontier and in-game trainers.

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Toxic and spikes don't work. So toxic spikes drapion and to replace toxic dizzy punch. Double whammy.

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The 3v3 battles in the Battle Frontier are much faster paced than the 6v6 battles you might be used to. I don't think there's any good reason to spend a move slot and 2 turns using toxic spikes when you can just attack the opponent, partly because you're not playing volleyball :P. I also don't think there's any good reason to use Drapion and Lopunny when you can use stronger Pokemon, like Tyranitar and Infernape.

In-game trainers are easy if you're using a high-level Infernape and spamming reasonably strong STABs.

The reason I am using “weaker” Pokemon is that I have beaten the game more times than I care to count, (in fact, so much that I have begun to memorise the exact levels, Pokemon and movesets of even regular trainers) so I wanted a bit more of a challenge.
If you're intentionally using bad Pokemon, why are you asking us what Pokemon are good?
I'm not. I'm asking what moves I should teach them. I'm not always gonna use them both in the same battles in the battle frontier.