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So, I'm playing through my first ever playthrough of Blue on the 3DS. Now, I know that I suck at certain aspects, so please don't judge me too harshly, but I'm kinda stuck as to who my next team member should be.
My team as of current is:
Barry (Weepinbell) Level 24, with Vine Whip, Cut, Wrap and Poison Powder.
Nickolas (Nidoking) Level 24, with Mega Punch, Thrash, Thunderbolt (Idk) and Body Slam.
Stewart (Fearow) Level 24, with Peck, Growl, Leer and Fury Attack (Apparently the Fearow line learns ZERO moves.)
Alex (Kadabra) Level 24, with Teleport, Confusion, Seismic Toss and Disable.
And Sammy (Wartortle) Level 24, with Dig, Bubblebeam, Bite and Water Gun.
I've just defeated Surge, and I have the Bike - I'm currently wandering, trying to find out where to go now, but that's not really important.
Please help!!!

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Why was this hidden?
@sumwun I don't know, I just saw 'this question was removed' and someone saying 'please don't ask this kind of question - we already have in-game team questions for every game' and that was confusing. Thanks for re-showing it.
One suggestion, if you have any normal type TM which isn't useful, give it to your Stewart (temporarily). It is my personal experience, give it another STAB move like Swift, which can sweep your opponent easily, unless they are rock types.
Thanks ~BlazingStaraptor~, I'd no idea what to do with their moveset/pool, because I like spamming attacks.
Edit: You do know Steel isn't in Blue, right?
Yeah I know. But why did you say? Did I ment........ Oh damn! An easy mistake to make!

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For the team you have at this point in the game, it's actually quite well-balanced. Enough to the point where you could just use these 5 and not have too many problems.

If you would like another pokémon though, my only thought would be a Fire-Type like Ninetales or Flareon. Ninetales comes with a speed advantage, while Flareon's normal moves will do extra. Your choice on wether is more usefull to you. Both come at around the same time, with Vulpix at route 8 and Eevee at the next town after as a gift.

As I said earlier though, you honestly could just use the five you already have, as they work fine on their own.

I don't think a fire Pokemon would be useful. No fire Pokemon can learn fire punch, flamethrower, or fire blast before Erika. After Erika, very few opponents are weak to fire.
I see your point, but it feels weird having 5, like without a 6th this one thing could come along and sweep my team. For example, although Bugs suck, I have nothing else to deal with Psychics, especially Sabrina.
Unless you're using very stupid moves, it shouldn't be possible for one thing to sweep your team. It's actually easier to play with smaller teams because then each Pokemon on the team gets more experience. You also really don't need to use a super effective attack against every opponent. Earthquake works in almost every situation, and blizzard works in every situation where earthquake doesn't work.
Well, except for Nidoking with Thunderbolt, I don't think I have any stupid moves, so that makes sense. I think I'll keep it on 5, mainly because of the EXP thing, unless I have trouble with someone that the free hitmonchan/lee can deal with. Thanks sumwun!